Back From Berlin

by A. | 1 comments

I'm back from Berlin, it was an amazing journey :D

In Berlin, everybody had an amazing look. But there are so many tourists that I don't know if I can say that the Berliners are this amazing. But people looks great!

I went on the west and on the east side of Berlin and people are amazing in both of the two sides. People aren't afraid to be themselves. There are not afraid to look like goth, punk or whatever. Girls are not afraid to wear very short skirts.
In my country (Belgium), when you are different, or if you are wearing too short clothes, people are coming to talk to you, insulting you most of the time. In Berlin: no one cares about you. Maybe people talks, but not in front of you.
That's amazing.

That was a great inspiration for me to change, to be more confident, to be myself.

If you understand french, here is a little reportage about fashion in Berlin:

I also found that in Berlin, people are very cool with their clothes, they are very comfortable but they always are elegant, they always have some accessories who change it all... They mix comfort with elegance and that's great to see that you can be very feminine and elegant in this way.

It was a very inspirational journey ^_^.

And who says Berlin, says Nina Hagen! So here is a song for you. Enjoy!


Dial V for Vintage said...

I want to go to Berlin too, I have never been there :). And I know what you mean, it seems that people in bigger cities like New York or London are more tolerant and can express themselves more easily. I think they are used to see people with different and extravagant styles - or they just don't care anymore. It's very refreshing to be in an environment that is so open-minded, that's what I like about big cities.