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I'm a very big fan of B-movies. For me, a B-movie is a movie which can bring a lot to the beholder with a low cost of budget. Some people told me that movies like "Freddy VS Jason" are B-movies. I don't think so: I think it's just crap. I don't think that because you've failed a movie, it's a B-movie. For instance, there are good and bad B-movies (sure ^_^).

The actuals B-movies, I call it most of the time "funny B-movie", because I think that today, when someone want to make a B-movie, it's just for fun (like "hey we want to make a creepy horror movie with our best friends and some ketchup"). And it's really fun but it's not like the oldies.

I think that a B-movie can dare more than others, you have more possibilities. But I don't like the fact that a lot of B-movie makers think it's great to do some sort of porn movie. If you want to do porn, do it. But if you really need that to make your movie great, you're pitiful.

Here is some great sites about B-movie: http://www.bmoviecentral.com/bmc/ and http://www.badmovies.org/

It's all for this time, I will certainly speak about actors and movies I like later :).

Have a nice day!

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I'm planning to go to Berlin with my boyfriend in two weeks :D That will be a lot of fun ^_^

Of course, I want to visit the usual Berlin (Mitte, Alexanderplatz...) and spend some money in some material stuff that I don't have in Belgium (X-tra-X for some shoes, Saturn for the music...) but I also want to visit the "underground" Berlin, too. My boyfriend is not... an "undergournd" person ^_^. So I hope I will be able to visit the places I want to see :).

"Underground" in French means something which is not "usual". For instance, listening to batcave music is "underground" when pop music is "mainstream". I don't know how to say that in English :/.

I would like to go to Friedrichshain and some squats, to know better another Berlin that the travel agency don't show us. I would like to go to Tacheles, Rauhaus too.
I found two website which are pretty interesting:

On Sunday, I would like to go to
Mauerpark to see the secondhand trade which seems famous.

If you have some good addresses in Berlin (food, bar, expositions...) don't hesitate to tell me ;)

Shrine of Hollywood

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Let me introduce the brand "Shrine of Hollywood" which is the brand who makes me love wearing dresses <3.

This one is especially pretty and easy to wear because it's very colourful and no one pays attention at the scorpions, skulls or half-naked mermaids ^_^. It's like a "normal" dress. Very good!
And you can wear it with high heels, boots or pretty flip-flops ^_^ *it's the perfect dress*

They made a lot of beautiful dresses and I plan to buy a new one, but I don't know yet which one I will choose.

Those two are amazing!

You can find their products on a lot of websites, like Pinup Girl Clothing, The Mission Boutique, Voodoo Dolly and more... Sometimes it's cheaper than the official website and you can find old products from the brands.

Have a nice day! :)


Sweetener and music

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My last post is about 5 days ago and I'm pretty happy because I'm able to do all my little list and it works pretty well :) My arms are getting muscles =D *waw!*

So it's great because it doesn't take me any time and it works. I hope it will work in the future.

I plan to eat more at breakfast (yes, I always forget the breakfast but since a couple of days, I'm trying to eat a fruit, milk and cereals) and lunch; less in the evening because it's not the time for having energy ^_^.

And I've totally stopped to drink "diet" drinks because of the sweetener which are inside. I didn't know that they test it on rats and freaky things happens to the poor animals at high level of exposition. Of course, we don't drink that much of sweetener, but I don't like the idea of a rat had to have creepy test to make my weight goes better.
So: drink water, save the rats! ;)

* * * * *

I want to share with you a band that I like very much. It's a mexican (harsh) EBM band: Nurzery [Rhymes] and they are totally great!

Here is the "Coroner" song. Enjoy! :)

I think it could be great to buy some "girly" shirts of the bands I like because it pretty boring to see all the people with metal shirts but nobody with electro shirts :/. The best you can see is sometimes a "NIN" T-shirt, and that's all. I'll search for it, it could be fun :).
I really mean "girly" shirts. Because there is nothing more unfeminine than a girl with a man band shirt. Yurk.
(... or maybe it could be, if it's used as a dress and if the girl is very hot ^_^... but it never happens...)

Have a nice day!


Diet is too hard for me

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Since the beginning of the summer, I'm telling to myself "You have to be more careful with what you eat because you are gaining weight and you can't be confident to go to the beach". And since the beginning of the summer, I'm soooo tired with the hot weather that I just eat fast food and stuff like that.
I didn't want to make a bikini to go to the beach. I would like it so much, for once :/

[not this year :/]

So, know I'm telling to myself "You have to be more careful with what you eat because you are gaining weight and you can't be confident to the school days" =D. I hope I will do something :p.

* * * * *

As I don't like diet (I can't do a diet, I find it boring) and since I'm starting being"fat" (not big, but "fat"), here are my "tips to being good, without thinking about it" ^_^.

brush your teeth after each meal
(why? because it good for your teeth and it's good to close a meal - you can do this everywhere, they are some "mini toothbrush" that you can take everywhere!)

take time to eat slowly
(the hardest thing maybe *_* we are sooo stressed that we totally forget about taking time...)

do some little exercises but DO IT
(you know, like take a bottle of water and do 10 exercises for the arms... the most important is not to make a lot just two day but a little every day... if you suffer, if you don't like it, you will not do it ^_^)

if you don't have time to prepare vegetables, buy it 'ready-to-serve'
(it much better than fast food)

thinking before doing stuff or eating
(like: "Do I have to take the bus by this wonderful sunny day?" or "Do I need to but cheese to don't feel the taste of this delicious bolognese?" =D that's a point)

being PO-SI-TI-VE and doing creative stuff
(because when you're happy and when you do stuff, you don't think about being hungry and you made stuff that you will be proud of *good! :D*)
I find this very good blog to do stuff with your little hand: http://www.designspongeonline.com/

So, I will prepare the meal (salad "grecque", steack and pastas... isn't it healthy? and you just have the tomatoes to prepare and the feta to cut in dice ^_^).

[yummy! :D]

I'm in a good way to follow my tips =D

Have a nice day! ;)