Back From Berlin

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I'm back from Berlin, it was an amazing journey :D

In Berlin, everybody had an amazing look. But there are so many tourists that I don't know if I can say that the Berliners are this amazing. But people looks great!

I went on the west and on the east side of Berlin and people are amazing in both of the two sides. People aren't afraid to be themselves. There are not afraid to look like goth, punk or whatever. Girls are not afraid to wear very short skirts.
In my country (Belgium), when you are different, or if you are wearing too short clothes, people are coming to talk to you, insulting you most of the time. In Berlin: no one cares about you. Maybe people talks, but not in front of you.
That's amazing.

That was a great inspiration for me to change, to be more confident, to be myself.

If you understand french, here is a little reportage about fashion in Berlin:

I also found that in Berlin, people are very cool with their clothes, they are very comfortable but they always are elegant, they always have some accessories who change it all... They mix comfort with elegance and that's great to see that you can be very feminine and elegant in this way.

It was a very inspirational journey ^_^.

And who says Berlin, says Nina Hagen! So here is a song for you. Enjoy!

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is one of my favourite book and one of my favourite old movie. Starring Angela Lansbury as Sibyl Vane (it was one of her first movies), Hurt Hatfield as Dorian Gray (he plays wonderfully well!), George Sanders as Lord Henry Wotton and Donna Reed as Gladys Hallward.
There are some differences between the movie and the novel but I found it very convincing and the actors play very well. It's a elegant movie which pay tribute to the original novel.

You have to see this movie at least once in your life ;)


For The Cross

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Some months ago, I've decided that a simple black outfit suit me much better than anything else. When I was a teenager, I've tried a lot of style of clothing and even if I like original stuffs a lot, simple stuffs suit me better. I've admitted it now. But I like to be original so much! T_T

So, for everyday, I like to have original and unique jewelery and for that, Etsy is the best!

Here is my favorite Etsy jewelery seller:

For The Cross
+ a part of the selling goes to those in need

Enjoy and have a nice day! :D


Haut Totes

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Here is an Etsy shop that I've just discovered some days ago.


They sell wonderful bags (they deliver worldwide) for about $45 (+ shipping). They also sell make up pouch about $10.

I think about ordering a bag with some pretty skulls to go to school: I own my black Eastpack since I'm 11 years old (I'm 22 now =D), I think it's time to have something new and more... pretty :p

Enjoy and have a nice day! :D


Nuclear Hell

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It's music time baby! ^_^

I'm a big fan of music. I've tons of cd's, I love it! But it's pretty difficult to love clothing, books, movies AND music without being ruined ^_^. It's soooo expensive sometimes to be a music fan (17€ for 10 songs on a cd, are you kidding??? Ôo) that I have to be more careful and to find an alternative way to buy music - because I don't like buying files on Internet, it's as impersonal as to read a e-book...

I'm a metal and an electro fan. And I found this website which is totally amazing:
free worlwide delivery
more you buy, less you pay

They don't always have what you want. You can't say "I want this CD, I will buy it on Nuclear Hell!". No. You must say: "I want some new music, let see what they have!". That's the way to think with this website ^_^.

But they have A LOT of music and I always go to this website before going out to do some shopping.

And now, I have to admit that I have a lot of difficulties to buy my CD more than 12$ now that I'm used to order on this website ;).

Enjoy it and have a nice day! :)