Who am I?

by A. | 1 comments

Time for a simple presentation of myself...

[well, that's... a part of my head]

- 22 years old
- like to read, to listen to music, to cook (especially 'pâtisseries' ^_^) and to do shopping
- I plan to be a librarian
- my clothing style is very simple: sobre, black and feminine (most of the time) but I also like to be original
- I like to spent my time on the internet to find new stores where I can buy original stuffs
- I like to spent my time outside with my friends and have a walk
- I think that you had to be good in your mind and in your body to be beautiful ("Men sana in corpore sano", I truly believe it!)
- my favourites writers are Terry Pratchett and Lea Silhol
- my favourites bands are Rob Zombie, Dark Tranquility, Horrorpops, Grendel, The Retrosic...
- my favourite dessert and the one I prefer to cook is the "Forêt Noire"

It was short but sufficient ;)

See ya!

~ A. ~


Apneatique said...

I think you should do a trick that I do (I'm 1.73 and I'm 54kg.. I also dress size 34/36(just to give you an idea)). Have a nice breakfast, a good plate at lunch time and around 17 eat something like cereals or such.. When it's dinner time eat a salad or something like that..

You'll see you'll start losing weight..

I don't if this helps but it worked for me ^^