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I'm a very big fan of B-movies. For me, a B-movie is a movie which can bring a lot to the beholder with a low cost of budget. Some people told me that movies like "Freddy VS Jason" are B-movies. I don't think so: I think it's just crap. I don't think that because you've failed a movie, it's a B-movie. For instance, there are good and bad B-movies (sure ^_^).

The actuals B-movies, I call it most of the time "funny B-movie", because I think that today, when someone want to make a B-movie, it's just for fun (like "hey we want to make a creepy horror movie with our best friends and some ketchup"). And it's really fun but it's not like the oldies.

I think that a B-movie can dare more than others, you have more possibilities. But I don't like the fact that a lot of B-movie makers think it's great to do some sort of porn movie. If you want to do porn, do it. But if you really need that to make your movie great, you're pitiful.

Here is some great sites about B-movie: http://www.bmoviecentral.com/bmc/ and http://www.badmovies.org/

It's all for this time, I will certainly speak about actors and movies I like later :).

Have a nice day!

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