Nuclear Hell

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It's music time baby! ^_^

I'm a big fan of music. I've tons of cd's, I love it! But it's pretty difficult to love clothing, books, movies AND music without being ruined ^_^. It's soooo expensive sometimes to be a music fan (17€ for 10 songs on a cd, are you kidding??? Ôo) that I have to be more careful and to find an alternative way to buy music - because I don't like buying files on Internet, it's as impersonal as to read a e-book...

I'm a metal and an electro fan. And I found this website which is totally amazing:
free worlwide delivery
more you buy, less you pay

They don't always have what you want. You can't say "I want this CD, I will buy it on Nuclear Hell!". No. You must say: "I want some new music, let see what they have!". That's the way to think with this website ^_^.

But they have A LOT of music and I always go to this website before going out to do some shopping.

And now, I have to admit that I have a lot of difficulties to buy my CD more than 12$ now that I'm used to order on this website ;).

Enjoy it and have a nice day! :)