Shrine of Hollywood

by A. | 2 comments

Let me introduce the brand "Shrine of Hollywood" which is the brand who makes me love wearing dresses <3.

This one is especially pretty and easy to wear because it's very colourful and no one pays attention at the scorpions, skulls or half-naked mermaids ^_^. It's like a "normal" dress. Very good!
And you can wear it with high heels, boots or pretty flip-flops ^_^ *it's the perfect dress*

They made a lot of beautiful dresses and I plan to buy a new one, but I don't know yet which one I will choose.

Those two are amazing!

You can find their products on a lot of websites, like Pinup Girl Clothing, The Mission Boutique, Voodoo Dolly and more... Sometimes it's cheaper than the official website and you can find old products from the brands.

Have a nice day! :)



Apneatique said...

They are lovely!!! :D

the fashionate traveller said...

OOh, I love these dresses! Will defo go and check out the websites!