Sweetener and music

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My last post is about 5 days ago and I'm pretty happy because I'm able to do all my little list and it works pretty well :) My arms are getting muscles =D *waw!*

So it's great because it doesn't take me any time and it works. I hope it will work in the future.

I plan to eat more at breakfast (yes, I always forget the breakfast but since a couple of days, I'm trying to eat a fruit, milk and cereals) and lunch; less in the evening because it's not the time for having energy ^_^.

And I've totally stopped to drink "diet" drinks because of the sweetener which are inside. I didn't know that they test it on rats and freaky things happens to the poor animals at high level of exposition. Of course, we don't drink that much of sweetener, but I don't like the idea of a rat had to have creepy test to make my weight goes better.
So: drink water, save the rats! ;)

* * * * *

I want to share with you a band that I like very much. It's a mexican (harsh) EBM band: Nurzery [Rhymes] and they are totally great!

Here is the "Coroner" song. Enjoy! :)

I think it could be great to buy some "girly" shirts of the bands I like because it pretty boring to see all the people with metal shirts but nobody with electro shirts :/. The best you can see is sometimes a "NIN" T-shirt, and that's all. I'll search for it, it could be fun :).
I really mean "girly" shirts. Because there is nothing more unfeminine than a girl with a man band shirt. Yurk.
(... or maybe it could be, if it's used as a dress and if the girl is very hot ^_^... but it never happens...)

Have a nice day!